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Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, planned at the site of the former O’Hara Garage and LRDC building, will be a state-of-the art facility, as well as a vital connection point.

Though still in the conceptual design phase, the center is expected to house 270,000平方英尺的一流设施和服务由主要利益相关者-学生驱动和概念化.

“This project began with listening to students, and their voices were loud and clear,” Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said. “的y wanted better recreational opportunities and experiences at Pitt. From day one, we我把吸引学生作为规划中心的真正合作伙伴,并把BG大游平台的共同愿景变成现实作为首要任务.”


Anastasia Dubnicay, project manager in Pitt’s Office of Facilities Management, oversees the center’s development and construction. She established the advisory committee with Vice Provost for Student Affairs Kenyon Bonner and Jill Krantz, executive director of Campus Recreation. Dubnicay said the student input was invaluable.

“坐下来, talking with the students, asking them their thoughts, 提出了BG大游平台不知道的包容性方面和当前设施的需求, which was incredibly valuable,”Dubnicay说.


“在整个过程中,学生的声音和价值观都得到了认真考虑,”他说 奥黛丽柯林斯, 一名来自教育学院卫生和人类发展系的三年级博士生和一名学生代表. “从学术角度支持学生很重要,但也要帮助改善他们生活的其他方面. 新设施将做到这一点,并提供包容性的机会,从整体方法改善学生的整体健康和福祉.”

柯林斯 (EDUC ’17, ’18G), who is pursuing a doctorate in exercise physiology, 他继续说道:“这也是BG大游平台对学生幸福的价值和承诺的象征. I'm proud to be a student here.”

迈克尔·刘, a senior engineering major in the Swanson School of 工程, hails from a family of athletes. A frequent gym-goer, he was hired this summer as a campus facility attendant, a job he enjoys for the social aspect and equipment access. But in September, something changed.

他说:“我有过一段严重的抑郁期,很长一段时间我都没有锻炼。. As time passed, he saw only one solution. “I picked working out back up for the sake of maintaining life balance.”

Physical activity provides a similar reprieve for Ashley Choi.

“Exercise is something I need to do every day for my day to feel complete,”崔说, a senior psychology major who’s minoring in Korean in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of 艺术 and 科学. An active member of Pitt Crew, the University's competitive rowing team, 她说,锻炼“可以缓解压力,帮助我增强身心的信心。.”


“It's a return on investment for students, and I hope they enjoy it,” Liu said.

a rendering of the inside of the facility


From recreation opportunities to cutting-edge experiences, 这个创新的多层设施将涵盖健康和保健的所有方面. Design plans include a recreation pool; a jogging track; weight-lifting equipment; multi-activity courts for basketball, volleyball and other activities; dining options and more. 

“BG大游平台对校园娱乐和健康中心的愿景是,它将是校园中心的一个变革性空间,是皮特社区幸福的交汇点,” said Vice Provost Bonner. “换句话说,BG大游平台的愿景是创造校园中最新、最酷、最健康的地方.”

的 center is part of the campus master plan 和山坡发展计划,并将为皮特的可持续发展的全面方法奠定基调, incorporation of community input on new construction, and prioritization of connectivity, both physical and mental.

“It’s the centerpiece of the University’s campus master plan,” said Scott Bernotas, vice chancellor of facilities management, 谁将学生对现有健身设施的看法描述为有多种改进的机会.

“这一现代化的设施——以可持续发展为前沿——可以加强大学的健康和健康服务, in terms of student experience, 会在校园中心的一个便利位置提供便利设施吗. From a legacy perspective, the center will be another postcard landmark for the University; the Cathedral of Learning will always be the first, but the second will feature this hillside destination.”


“在校园中央拥有一个浓缩的区域和设施,可能会吸引那些不愿一路进入上层校园的人,反之亦然,” said Ian Montelius, a second-year School of 药店 student. “Sometimes people stay in their own little community.”


“When I'm giving tours [to prospective students and their families], I talk about upper campus towards the end,”Montelius说. “I point in that direction and discuss the gyms, and people are sometimes turned off by how far away it seems. Having somewhere to point to on tour that they can see would be better.”

它也是皮特历史上最大的娱乐和健康中心, 这将是第一次采用全面的方法来支持学生的整体健康和健康.

的 world is a complex, 有压力的地方,这将是一个空间,让学生的身体和心理保持稳定,以健康的方式减压,” said Mary Beth McGrew, associate vice chancellor in the Office of Planning, Design and Real Estate.

McGrew described the visionary “aspirational design作为一个 requires technical rigor because of its provisions that empower the mind, 身体和精神, as well as its vertical design.

“这是一个不同类型的中心,因为这个地区的过渡和地形.“然而, 在山坡上的建筑将使“有机会将山坡和户外完全整合为整体发展计划的一部分。.” 的 area surrounding the center will include native plants, 专用通道和户外空间是设施的自然延伸.

For those the center is designed for, the impact is already evident.

“BG大游平台对生活的满意度常常受到BG大游平台追求个人能力的欲望的影响,” said Danielle Floyd, a junior economics major and vice president of the Student Government Board. “To achieve these goals, 照顾学生的身体和心理健康需要成为重中之重. 正在建造的娱乐中心和大学实际上在这个过程中寻找学生的投入给学生传递了一个信息 is 的首要任务.”


Demolition of the O’Hara Parking Garage is complete, and work on the Learning 研究 and Development Center will continue through January 2022. 学校计划在2022年春季破土动工建设校园娱乐和健康中心. It is anticipated to open in fall 2024, and have a significant economic impact for the University, 匹兹堡 and Pennsylvania communities by creating more than 1,000 jobs and maximizing minority and woman business enterprise participation.

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— Kara Henderson